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Woman Donating Blood


New Medical Device

A medical device company based in Europe conducted a consumer survey to gauge consumer interest, current behavior, and price perceptions, specifically targeting consumers who draw blood at least once a year.

Results provided the company with detailed willingness-to-pay information for setting prices.


Wine Label Project

A large Napa winery conducted a survey study that tested preference among three different product labels, aiding in their decision. Participants were prescreened to be wine drinkers living in two specific US States.

Red Wine Bottle


Longitudinal Consumer Survey

Conducted a multi-year, large scale annual consumer survey on perceptions of real estate agents for an author and motivational speaker.  Gained insights on how consumer perceptions change over time. 


Men's Skin & Hair Care Products

Conducted a multi-survey study to gauge consumer interest and preference for a series of men's skin and hair care products to be sold at large retailers. Targeted to specific customer population.

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